The Department of Geography University of Mumbai had organised GEO-MUMBA Intercollegiate Competition for Geography Students on 11th and 12th Mar 2019.

The Details report of the event is given Below:

Mumbai Chapter report of GEO-MUMBA

An  Inter -  Collegiate Comptetion ,2nd year celebration at Vidyanagari 11-12 March 2019

This year a very meaningful apt Geographic educational Utsav GEO - MUMBA was organised by Dept.of Geography , Mumbai University with association of INCA Mumbai Chapter .

This GEO utsav was a combo of fun, educations Geographic knowledge.

The object of this event is to inculcate the awareness among the students of Geography and the theme was " Geography and Space,"

Prizes and Breakfast sponsored by INCA Mumbai Chapter.

The very first day GEO - Quiz was conducted in the main seminar hall efficiently by MA I & MA II students.

The second event was Photography.The photographs clicked by the participants himself and had to explain the relevance to the theme given.

Adjudged by Vaishali, professor, Mr.Devidas Tambe, professor of Geography dept, Mumbaiuniversity and Mrs Singhi.

The very next day ,on 12 th March '19, events started with Poster Comptetion.This comptetion was adjudged by very eminent Geographer Dr. B.C. Vaidya , professor of Geography and Geopolitics politics J.N.U. New Delhi & Secretary of the Deccan Geographical Society of India association.,Dr. Sanjukta Sattar ,Asso.professor  Geography dept.Mumbai university and Dr.Savismita Vilasrao Chawan, professor and Head Dept of Geography Mumbai university.

Dr. Vaidya addressed the student and gave his views that this new generation students of Geography are giving diffrent dimensions to space.They related their personal space ,global space through this poster painting.

The fourth activity was Treasure Hunt .It was as usual a great fun with skill ,presence of mind and running around the location identification.

In the premises of the dept.there was display of stalls of rocks and minerals, satellite image series,models,hands on experience of mirror stereoscopes. Volunteers were exlaing to visitor students with keen interest.Before the prize distribution and concluding session a Very interesting activity for young geographer's the Career Guidance workshop was held.  Mr.Pravin Kokane Asst.Professor ,dept of Geography, Mu.Uni.delivered the lecture on topic " Role of Geography in Career Exams "He said , the students who opt geography as main subject have advantage over other subject students in competitive exams as certain percentage of syllabus is devoted towards Indian Geography.Mr.Ganesh Maral ( LM 1406Inca)Cartographer,GIS and Senior Data Analyist and Project leader at ROLTA explained on the requirements of GIS  market,what industry wants from you and ended with the various studies of GIS studies.He emphasised that it's the geographic subject students who can customised the this techniques in better way.A humble alumni himself Ganesh Maral showed the latest developments in GIS with slides.The third speaker of the day was Mr.Ashok Salve, professor,authority and experienced personality in administration and recent trends in school.He spoke on the topic " Job opportunities in Education Sector".He repeatedly told that it is the hardwork ,thorough knowledge of the subject and attitude ,which will give you success in future Career.At the end of the speeches young budding  geographer's were very happy and had clear vision of their career.

Different college students ,teachers (  had accompanied)  enjoyed this fest.we were very happy to note that the allumni had taken keen interest in helping the volunteers.

Our Extended event after this education  Fest is on 15 the march '19 at 3.00 the same premises Dr. Dipti Mukherji,Professor of Geography,mu.uni.,President of INCA Mumbai Chapter is going to deliver lecture on "Healthcare Accessibility in an urban Milieu" to the geographer's near and around  Mumbai.This has been arranged on the occasion of celebration of Golden Jubilee year of dept and Chandrashekhar Deshpande Memorial Lecture.

The enthusiastic volunteers, Teachers,staff Dr.Aparna Phadke,Convener and Dr.Savismita Vilasrao Chawan,  Professor and H.O.D. of Dept of Geography ,Mumbai University(LM INCA )   owe a great  heartfelt thanks  from INCA Mumbai Chapter association as without them this GEO Mumba would not have been a great success.

An Exhibition of Rocks and Minerals and minerals was also held

Dr.B.C.Vaidya ,Professor of Geography and Geopolitics, Jawaherlal Nehru University (JNU),Secretary of The Deccan Geographical Society of India  gave lecture.

Judges for the event were Ms.Vaishali, Prof.Devidas Tambe & Mrs.Singhi

It was Best time to inaugaration Bhugol Shastra Sanshodhan by Dr. Vaidya.

A Career Guidence Workshop was also held and Speaker was Prof.Pravin Khojane, he gave lecture on Topic : " Role of Geography in Career Exams"

The Second speaker was Mr.Ganesh Maral, LM1406 INCA.Cartographer GIS & Senior Data Analyist and Project leader at ROLTA

The Third speaker was Prof. Ashok Salve, Rtd.Professor and Senior administrator.Topic and he delivered lecture on “ Job opportunities in Education Sector"

The Third speaker was Prof. Ashok Salve, Rtd.Professor and Senior administrator.his topic was : " Job opportunities in Education Sector"

Dr.Aparna Phadke, LM2947 INCA and Convenor Geo-Mumba Concluded , uniquely with crowd singing ..Seqencial song "Geography Idhar Udhar" Kudos to enthusiastic  Volunteers.

Mumbai INCA CHAPTER owes a great thanx to participants ,teachers,Alumni, Dr.Savismita Vilasrao Chawan, Professor, H O.D. , teachers ,staff and students of Dept. Of Geography Mumbai University,

Ms Premlata Singh in formed that Extended event of this is Dr.Dipti Mukharji , Professor of Geography , Mumbai University & President INCA Mumbai Chapter will be delivering lecture on " Healthcare accessibility in an Urban Milieu" as on occasion of Golden Jubilee of Geography dept of Mumbai University,Dr Chandrashekhar  Deshpande Memorial lecture.

Pics of the Events are given below: