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INCA - Indian National Cartographic Association, is a non-profit making professional body of Cartographers, established in 1979 at Hyderabad  ( India ) with the following Aim

a) Fostering cartographic Research in India Promoting academic interaction within an inter-disciplinary frame

b) Co-operate with professional organizations of cognate disciplines

c) Foster co-operation amongst various organizations for advancement of cartography

d) Create "Map Awareness" amongst the public              

e) Secure for cartography its legitimate place in national life and to strengthen among cartographers a sense of responsibility and professional efficiency.


nThe 145th INCA National Executive Committee Meeting is likely to take place in 2nd week of April 2014. The details regarding venue and dates when finalized will be posted on the website. Pl keep watching for updates.


kIndian Cartographer Vol 32, 2012

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Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0001.0001 | Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0001.0002 | Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0001.0003 | Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0001.0004 | Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0001.0005 | Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0002 | Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0003 | Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0004 | Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0005 | Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0006 | Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0007 | Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0008 | Indian Cartographer Vol32 2012.0009


Cartography Around the World

"Mapping India by Manosi Lahiri"

This is the story of India recounted through its maps. Economic and political changes over 500 years are reflected in the historical maps of Hindustan.

mNew INCA Broucher 2013

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XXXIII INCA PhotoGraphs-Coming Soon !!!

Our Association has been growing steadily in membership indicating its immense popularity among cartographic fraternity.


Photographs of the Cartography Day 2014 Celebrations at INCA Branches


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Bringing Map Awareness among Childern's